December 6

African Development Bank Allocates $25 Billion by 2025 for Green Growth in the Ivory Coast

By Benoit-Ivan Wansi

The African Development Bank (AfDB) will inject $25 billion into climate projects and green growth in Ivory Coast. This green financing will help accelerate the level of development and reduce emissions in this West African country by 2025.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) will mobilize 25 billion dollars to finance climate change adaptation and green growth projects in Ivory Coast by 2025. Several sectors are concerned by this initiative, including renewable energy, green mobility and smart agriculture, which will create at least 500 000 jobs in this West African country.

While Africa emits only 3% of greenhouse gases compared to global emissions, Charlotte Ako, the AfDB’s Head of Climate Change and Green Growth, believes that this $25 billion support will enable Ivory Coast to meet the challenges of the ecological transition and optimize its share of the 4% that the continent receives from the Global Climate Fund.

Photo courtesy of geralt.

Source: Afrik21 (link opens in a new window)

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