African food businesses get nurturing from well-known giants

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

By Fred de Sam Lozaro

Volunteers from some of the world’s biggest food producers, who decades ago took food-making from kitchen to the factory, are offering guidance to African entrepreneurs and helping nations become less dependent on imported food.

Pauline Kamau has survived against tall odds, owner of a successful 20 year old milling business called Sopa, with 30 employees producing half a dozen blends of the staple maize flour.

But 15 years ago, when her husband and cofounder, Peter, died suddenly, she was devastated and struggled for years to keep afloat.

She found help from an unlikely source. A nonprofit organization drawn from six of the world’s largest food companies advised her on how to expand, offering things like a business plan, waste reduction strategies and better hygiene practices.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Dykstra / Partners in Food Solutions.

Source: PBS News (link opens in a new window)

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