March 8

Analysis: After Quick Russia Boycotts, Corporate Boardrooms Will Face a Much Trickier, Longer-Term Global End Game

As corporations across all sectors of the economy exit Russia with unprecedented speed, one of the questions being weighed is where this response to an act of unprovoked war fits on the spectrum of leadership decision-making.

Is it a short-term pause; a demonstration of the greater, maybe lasting, influence of ESG in the C-suite; or a significant reshaping of corporate strategy and the economy around the theme of de-globalization?

For experts in international business and management, the current events appear as if they may go well beyond reputation management and to a fundamental shift from the post-World War II period of increasingly global markets and efforts to achieve global scale, which were still firmly in place only about a week ago.


Photo credit: Katie Godowski


Source: CNBC (link opens in a new window)

corporations, ESG