November 29

Analysis: Agriculture in Transition – A New Net Zero Focus?

By Felicia Jackson

COP26 saw a welcome recognition of the importance of nature and its relationship to climate change. Urgent action on land use is needed as demand for food increases, while the world is currently losing forests, damaging soils and rapidly destroying other ecosystems that play a critical role in absorbing carbon and cooling the planet. As commitments to action proliferate, could it be collaboration in big business that leads the way?

The IPCC has estimated that 23% of global GHG emissions are associated with land use, including 11% of global GHG emissions from deforestation and the conversion of natural ecosystems. One of the more salient discussion points at COP26 was the need to establish more sustainable food systems, as changes in temperature and weather patterns can disrupt supply chains, affect productivity and lead to higher commodity pricing.

Photo courtesy of mad mags.


Source: Forbes (link opens in a new window)