July 7

Alibaba Cloud, Fintech Academy, Pfizer Accelerate Apac Healthcare Innovations

By BioSpectrum Asia Edition

Alibaba Cloud, Fintech Academy and Pfizer have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) leading to the formation of a Healthcare Fintech Alliance (HFA) to catalyze transformation across Asia Pacific’s health tech and fintech sectors.

The HFA will establish a Southeast Asia (SEA) Centre of Innovation in Singapore that aims to create a healthcare technological ecosystem to support startups and research centre in the region to provide scientific and technological expertise through incubator support, training content and incentive programs.

The alliance is set to spur the development of tech-driven innovations in the region, with Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam piloting this initiative, before its expansion to Malaysia and Philippines (subject to compliances of local legal regulations). By sharing innovation best practices with local startups and businesses, HFA seeks to cement Singapore’s position as Asia’s digital capital by providing local organizations with a testbed where they can experiment, prototype and commercialize products and solutions for the region, with the right partners in funding, mentoring and networking.

Photo courtesy of Skeeze.

Source: BioSpectrum Asia Edition (link opens in a new window)

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