Alliances aim to put an end to poverty

Friday, April 1, 2005

Technology Project (Ericsson) The initiative will provide communications technology to rural poor by establishing communications centres that will typically be owned and operated by a local entrepreneur as a franchisee

Novella Project (Unilever) The project aims to promote biodiversity and reduce poverty by building an oil supply chain through the use of Allanblackia nuts that will provide rural communities with a new source of income?

Integrated Dairy Development Project (Tetra Pak) This dairy development project addresses the value chain for milk production and aims to improve the integration of milk production, processing and consumption

Rural Electrification (ABB) With the World Wildlife Fund, ABB is exploring commercial models for the delivery of electricity to rural villages. This seeks to build on a previous philanthropic project with WWF that is supplying electricity to Ngarambe, Tanzania

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Source: Financial Times