An American Company Eyes Revolutionizing African Healthcare Management

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

AvailaMed, a United States based Information Communication Technology (ICT) Company, is set to launch its Electronic Health Record (EHR) health data recording and Business Intelligent (BI) Reporting System in three health facilities in Ethiopia, the company’s official announced.

“The system we have designed is a special solution for Africa’s healthcare industry,” said Seble Nebiyeloul, said President of AvailaMed. “It leverages the best of breed medical/networking technology with our homegrown EHR and database reporting facilities to deliver the needed clinical software/ hardware/ reporting infrastructure to the people of Africa. The system by its very design is lightweight, easy to use, portable and distributed technology is built to allow for easy implementation, use and distribution throughout Africa, from its largest cities to its most remote rural regions,” she said.

The AvailaMed system is designed to interoperate with already existing data systems to create powerful consolidated health management and clinical reporting dashboards. The system is customizable and made to be modified for each country based on their specific needs and requirements. The data AvailaMed gathers and consolidate will allow for comprehensive reporting of clinical information never before seen.

“Outside organizations and funding entities will now be able to receive adequate clinical reporting that is not only far more complete then what is currently available, but also far more accurate. We have also received interests in our solution from other African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana. After launching our product here, we plan to do the same in those countries. We cannot only help deliver more efficient clinical services, but harness the resulting invaluable clinical data to revolutionize medical care, healthcare management and clinical reporting in Africa,” she said.

Source: New Business Ethiopia (link opens in a new window)

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