April 22

Analysis: Earth Day 2022: Questionable Momentum With A Side Order Of Panic

By Amy DeMartine

We should be taking confident and courageous strides toward creating future-generation-safe companies through purposeful actions such as reducing carbon through efficient and clean energy usage, minimizing water usage, expanding the use of sustainable raw materials, and increasing recyclable packaging while decreasing packaging altogether. These actions would support the overall theme this year of “Invest In Our Planet.” The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report details very bad, no-one-is-safe consequences for climate change inaction, which should motivate us further, even if it comes with a little (or a lot of) panic. But current events are driving us to some questionable short-term decisions. Just a few examples from the energy sector show the good momentum toward environmental sustainability, such as:

Photo courtesy of unerbul.

Source: Forrester (link opens in a new window)

Education, Energy, Environment, Impact Assessment
climate change, recycling