August 18

Analysis: Fully Digitalized Farming Is Nearly a Reality. Emerging Economies Must Keep Pace

By Alisher Tyazhin

It is no secret that the future of farming is fully digital. It is also no secret that farming at present is already largely digital. Precision farming – the use of sensors, drones, data, and robotics – has the power to revolutionize agricultural sustainability through improved crop yields, efficient water usage, and reduced use of harmful chemical pollutants like pesticides.

Making that fully digital future a reality, however, is easier said than done. It requires both experimentation and a major investment in technology and training. With the EU set to put its colossal financial weight behind digitalization in agriculture over the coming decade, it’s vital that emerging economies — particularly those on Europe’s border dependent on the continent’s markets to sell their produce — keep up the pace. Otherwise, they risk being left behind.

Photo courtesy of Mizzou CAFNR.

Source: AgFunderNews (link opens in a new window)

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