September 18

Analysis: How AI Can Help Developing Countries Rebuild After the Pandemic

William Sonneborn & Lana Graf

Technology has been a lifeline to developing countries during the COVID-19 crisis, helping to maintain essential services and keep companies in business. It has also offered a glimpse of a brighter future, one in which gains in income and employment are driven by technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Even before the pandemic, commercial uses for AI were expanding rapidly in emerging markets, in fields ranging from manufacturing and energy to education and financial services. The necessary lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed by countries have accelerated that trend. Companies like Clinicas de Azucar in Mexico are using AI to analyze data and improve health outcomes for thousands of at-risk diabetic patients. In India, 1mg uses AI to help customers compare prices for medical services from different labs.

Photo courtesy of Simon Berry.


Source: World Bank Blogs (link opens in a new window)

Coronavirus, Technology
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