August 9

Analysis: How Civil Society Organizations Can Help Tackle Pandemics


COVID-19 has been the foremost global health challenge over the last year and a half and has affected all spheres of life and development. As of 7 July 2021, the world has registered a total of over 184 million COVID-19 cases, while confirmed deaths worldwide have been reported at over 3.99 million.

It is envisaged that the Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) have been and will continue to be hit harder by the pandemic as a result of limited healthcare capacity and inadequate infrastructure, as well as difficulties in maintaining social distancing. Apart from its direct health consequences, COVID-19 has left communities in LMICs with dire economic consequences. The World Bank estimates that about 120 million people have been pushed into poverty due to COVID-19 in the last year or so.

Photo courtesy of Martin Jernberg.

Source: World Economic Forum (link opens in a new window)

Coronavirus, Health Care