March 17

Analysis: How Nigerian Banks Empower Women Through Corporate Social Responsibility

By Terri Daley

Businesses are part of societies and successful businesses can create an environment that benefits their customers, employees, communities and shareholders. They do this through various forms of corporate social responsibility, based on the idea that businesses should “strive to make a profit, obey the law, be ethical and be a good corporate citizen”.

The benefits of corporate social responsibility practices for businesses include enhanced reputation, legitimacy and customer loyalty. But these practices are not just marketing to make businesses look good. They are also a way to develop markets and sustain business.

In particular, the empowerment of women through corporate social responsibility is now an established pillar of international development. Women are important to the economic and commercial development of emerging markets. They are also important stakeholders in society.

Photo courtesy of tars Foundation.

Source: The Conversation (link opens in a new window)

corporate social responsibility, gender equality, sustainable business