August 5

Analysis: India Needs More Social Enterprises, but These Five Challenges Are Holding Us Back

By Anushruti Singh

Social enterprises across India have been the catalysts for change for years. Now, due to the coronavirus outbreak, we need them more than ever. Though they are growing gradually, social enterprises are at the crossroads due to the several challenges that they are grappling with.

During the pandemic, Ameer Ali, a social activist from Palakkad, Kerala, was distributing food, arranging medicines, and organising rations for the needy, going above and beyond community and politics.

Another social entrepreneur and activist from Karnataka, Nitin Vas, came up with a unique initiative for environmental conservation by introducing eco-friendly masks made of cotton rags that will naturally grow to become plants when discarded.

Mann Deshi, a Maharashtra-based social purpose organisation that normally works to assist women in gaining access to finance, skills, and markets, acted as a frontliner during the pandemic. Embedded in rural areas, the firm is providing healthcare, food and small loans to women whose businesses were affected by the pandemic. Similarly, Delhi based Goonj provided all sorts of humanitarian aid across the country during the crisis.

Photo courtesy of Karen282.

Source: SME Futures (link opens in a new window)

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