November 20

Arisaig Seeks To Maximise Impact ‘Bang for Buck’ With New Next Generation Emerging Markets Fund

By Madeleine Taylor

Arisaig Partners made a bold foray into impact investing in emerging markets by launching its new public equities fund, the Next Generation Fund, in early September.

“As far as I’m aware, there’s no one doing exactly this with an emerging markets focus,” says David Lanning, the fund’s head of research, adding that the USD3.8 billion ultra-long-term investment boutique had been considering setting up the fund for years.

“The thought behind the Next Gen fund is to go beyond just protecting the sustainability of long-term financial returns, and to actually back companies which are already making a positive difference to the countries that they operate in,” Lanning explains.

With the global ESG investing market growing to an estimated worth of USD30 trillion, or one-third of all professionally managed assets, most of this capital still goes towards developed markets.

Photo courtesy of Micheile Henderson.

Source: Institutional Asset Manager (link opens in a new window)

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