Article 13’s report, ?Climate Change and Poverty: A Business Opportunity??

Monday, May 23, 2005

Article 13, the leading specialists on governance, business responsibility and sustainable development, have published the report, ?Climate Change and Poverty: A Business Opportunity?? as a contribution to the ongoing debate about how business can contribute ? beyond pure philanthropy ? to addressing these two problems.
The report contains a wealth of original material: a survey of FTSE-500 chief executives on their current approaches and expectations of future developments; interviews with leading UK-based companies such as Shell, HBOS and British Airways; a unique survey into the views of young managers and future business leaders; and the results of a series of workshops with academics, business experts, government ministers and civil servants.
Some outline findings:
* 70% of chief executives surveyed are concerned about climate change, with business sustainability narrowly ahead of cost implications as the highest risk factor.
* Few chief executives are spending time addressing global poverty, but 52% of future leaders believe this will be a very significant issue for business in the long term.
* There is a consensus that the two issues are linked via the issue of global economic development and that climate change will hurt the poor in developing countries hardest.
* There are companies which have taken a very proactive role in addressing these issues and see real business benefits, beyond reputational effects.
Press release found here.

Source: Article 13