Pakistan: Livelihoods & micro-credit for women

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Collapsed sheds, landslides and falling rocks triggered by the October 8th earthquake and subsequent aftershocks, killed more than 100,000 heads of livestock in northern Pakistan, mainly buffaloes and cows. Additionally, in the immediate weeks after the quake, many farmers were forced to sell their livestock at a very low price because of the lack of shelter and to provide food for their families. This significantly reduced number of livestock in rural areas foretells of immediately reduced income for affected families and less manure for the next cropping season, which will affect their income-generating potential for months to come.

Perhaps the most affected by this loss of livestock and income-generating opportunities has been women, many of whom also lost their husbands and sons in the quake. As a result, female-headed households have been left to fend for themselves and provide for their families with few, if any, income-generating livestock and little usable farmland.

As a majority of the population in the earthquake affected areas depends on farming and livestock for livelihoods, Relief International recognized and is addressing the urgent need to provide livelihood opportunities to women through the provision of micro-loans and assisting in the purchase of small and large animals.

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Source: ReliefWeb (link opens in a new window)