Ashoka Wins First Place In 2012 Global ‘Long-Term Capitalism Challenge’

Monday, July 9, 2012

San Francisco. Ashoka’s Full Economic Citizenship (FEC), an initiative founded by Ashoka’s Leadership Group Member Valeria Budinich, was named the first place winner of the 2012 Global Long-Term Capitalism Challenge, co-sponsored by the Management Innovation Exchange (the MIX), Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Company.

The announcement capped a day-long global gathering called the MIX MASHUP, where over 200 of the world’s most respected corporate executives, management consultants and thought leaders came together to share their transformative, disruptive management innovations. They gathered from numerous countries to learn which of them had won the top awards from three global competitions held during 2012 (Reinventing Management, Beyond Bureaucracy and the Long-Term Capitalism Challenge) and which corporation overall was voted “Management Innovator of the Year.”

Ashoka FEC’s entry was the story of its Hybrid Value Chain, a new framework that tears down the walls between the business and citizen sectors, bringing us closer to a new architecture where all individuals are engaged in a fluid team of teams. This results in increased innovation, productivity and breakthroughs in wealth and service. As the previously divided sectors come together we move towards an “everyone a changemaker” world, where all have and use skills of entrepreneurship, empathy, leadership and changemaking to succeed in a world defined by accelerated change.

“Ashoka and the FEC team are honored to receive this award,” said Ms. Budinich. “We see across industries and geographies the benefits to citizens when the knowledge of consumers and producers is paired with the expertise of corporate leaders and innovators to create and deliver successful solutions with the potential to transform the world.”

The Ashoka FEC winning entry describes how the HVC framework works and illustrates its value and lessons learned from its use in affordable housing, agriculture, health, water, finance and nutrition security. Read the full entry here.

Bill Drayton, co-developer of the Hybrid Value Chain framework, added: “In a world defined by change, one must know how combine the previously divided actors into new, far more effective value-added chains. It is also the necessary step towards the architecture an Everyone a Changemaker world requires. “

Also participating in these challenges, and present at the MASHUP were CEOs and top managers of multinational corporations such as NIKE, Chevron, P&G,Microsoft, Best Buy, Coca Cola, Google, Accenture, Cisco, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, Red Hat and Natura, and other innovation leaders of organizations from the academic, philanthropic and social entrepreneur sectors.

Among the judges for the competition were Gary Hamel, founder of the MIX and top visionary and respected management consultant and thought leader, Adi Ignatius, Editor of the Harvard Business Review and Allen Webb, Editor-in-Chief of the McKinsey Quarterly.

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