November 8

Bamboo Capital Partners Exits Banco Popular After Triple-Digit Growth

Bamboo Capital Partners (“Bamboo”), the specialist impact investor operating in emerging and frontier markets, today announces its successful exit from Banco Popular, a Latin American microfinance bank in Honduras. Banco Popular supports the development of the microfinance industry through investment, financing, technology and rural products to promote equitable and inclusive development in Honduras.

Institutional investors IFC, BCIE and impact investor Bamboo Capital Partners are selling their full participation on Banco Popular (which combined amount to almost 65% of the total shares). Their shares are being taken over by new shareholders Incofin and Triple Jump while existing shareholders BIO and FMO increase their positions.

BIO, FMO, BCIE and IFC have been Banco Popular’s investors since 2007. Together with Bamboo since 2012, they have played a key role in attracting both local and international funding that has fostered the bank’s expansion in recent years.

Photo courtesy of Micheile Henderson.

Source: Farmers Review Africa (link opens in a new window)

financial inclusion, impact investing, microfinance