December 22

Bayer Steps up Its Commitments to Support Smallholder Farmers in Asia

Through the expansion of the Better Life Farming Alliance to Bangladesh and Indonesia, Bayer and its partners will provide more smallholders with better access to innovative and sustainable agricultural solutions, and increased farm incomes / In 2021, the “Better Farms, Better Lives” initiative will extend to China’s Hubei Province, providing 200,000 farmers in the region with immediate assistance in the form of crop protection inputs, market access and support for health and safety needs. Currently, the program is helping more than 1.5 million farmers in 17 countries sustain their livelihoods during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Better Life Farming Alliance (BLFA), Bayer’s global, multi-stakeholder partnership model that provides holistic and innovative solutions for smallholder farmers in developing economies, has launched in Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Photo courtesy of WBK Photography.

Source: The Financial (link opens in a new window)

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