Bengaluru-based Molbio develops India’s first swine flu diagnostic kit

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The swine flu flare-up has pushed an indigenous innovation faster into the market, a rare silver lining in an otherwise gloomy story, as India battles the worst outbreak of the virus in the past five years. The government has approved in February the first India-made swine flu diagnostic kit, developed by Bengaluru-based Molbio Diagnostics, which promises cheaper, faster results with a portable device.

The kit developed by Molbio costs about Rs 850, less than half the price of most imported kits (which sell for about Rs 2000 to 2800) while producing equally accurate results, claims Sumit Mitra, marketing manager, global business at Molbio Diagnostics. The one-time hardware cost at Rs 5 lakh is roughly about one-fourth of other imported platforms, he added.

Source: The Economic Times (link opens in a new window)

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