BlackRock Launches Global Impact Equity Fund

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

BlackRock has launched a global impact equity fund aiming to invest in 'measurable social and environmental outcomes' at a time when such criteria are becoming increasingly important to investors.

The BlackRock Strategic Funds (BSF) Impact World Equity fund is a liquid UCITS product aiming to generate competitive returns through investing in companies with a positive measurable societal impact.

It will be managed by BlackRock's Scientific Active Equity (SAE) team, under co-head Jeff Shen, as well as global head of impact investing, Deborah Winshel.

Winshel joined the group in February to launch BlackRock Impact in an effort to unify the group's approach to impact investing.

She said: "Demographic shifts, stakeholder advocacy, and government regulation are combining to create unprecedented demand for sustainable and impact investment solutions.

"Impact investing enables investors to do more with their money than simply achieving a financial return. Through transparent measurement and outcome reporting, impact investing allows investors to better understand how their money is being put to work."


Source: Investment Week (link opens in a new window)

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