July 25

Bluejay Raises $2.9 Million to Promote Financial Inclusion in Asia

Bluejay Finance raised $2.9M in funding from C2 Ventures, Zee Prime Capital, Stake Capital Group, Daedalus Angels, RNR Capital, etc. and DeFi projects like Voltz and Flux, Coin Journal learned from a press release.

Diversifying stablecoin backing 

The decentralized stablecoin protocol aims to create an avenue to develop more stablecoin solutions centered around fiat currencies other than the US dollar.

Bluejay intends to use its funds to develop its team and deploy stablecoins with a focus on the Singaporean dollar, the Philippine Peso, and other Asian stablecoins.

Photo courtesy of David Shares.

Source: CoinJournal (link opens in a new window)

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