April 8

Bopinc and Village Capital Launch the Last in a Series of Landscaping Studies on the Potential of Circular Agribusiness in East Africa

A new groundbreaking study from the O-Farms program, implemented by Bopinc and Village Capital and supported by the IKEA Foundation, shares key insights on the untapped potential of circular agribusiness to reduce food losses and create jobs in Uganda.  

Nairobi, Kenya, Utrecht, the Netherlands and Washington, DC, USA (March 28, 2022):  Bopinc and Village Capital today will launch the third in a series of new studies that explores the promise of circular agribusiness in Kenya, Ethiopia and now Uganda. Circularity has the potential to sustainably feed growing populations while contributing to economic growth, job creation and the stimulation of new income-generating opportunities.

The report Scoping the Potential of Circular Agribusiness assesses the current state of circularity in Uganda, and identifies key opportunities and challenges in the “Pearl of Africa.” An accompanying factsheet, also launching today, presents top-line findings from our Uganda report alongside those from similar landscaping studies for Kenya and Ethiopia, launched late last year.

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Source: Farmers Review Africa (link opens in a new window)

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