Business Model Innovation- New Opportunities

Monday, August 27, 2007

What do ITMG, Sankalp and Suschama have in common? They are all new business venture ideas focused at bringing the best if consulting and supply chain optimisation to small and medium enterprises that have been created by students while still in college.

The enterprising students of the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) in Mumbai, supported by a visionary Professor, Dr T Prasad at the institute, have come up with this unique concept of ?Student Companies (SCs)?, which can spawn a new generation of young entrepreneurs in the country. Each of the SCs is being evaluated on predetermined parameters at specific time intervals spreading over two years of MBA course. Students? achievement on these parameters is incorporated into their academic achievement.

For smooth running of the business, students will be mentored by the institute faculty and also past alumni including some of the industry captains who are interested and willing to spare time and assume the role of mentors. Student-mentors may also invest equity money in the SCs. Further, Student – Mentors may also bargain with SCs for equity share for their ’handholding’ service. Finally, a token equity share will be held by the academic institutes in the SCs for the support and the facilitation that is being extended for the success of the SCs.

In this column, we have discussed at length the need for an innovation eco-system in the country and it is truly heartening that one of our leading business schools has launched a program that may incubate successful new ventures aimed at the ?bottom of the pyramid?.

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Source: Hindustan Times (link opens in a new window)