Buy a Hot Coffee to Help Healthcare in Africa

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In a tiny remote village in Africa a young woman known as Christina is studying to become a midwife.

She grew up in a small village called Sra, where creature comforts were basic and career prospects limited.

In her world, childbirth is a common cause of death for the mothers and newborn babies often don’t survive.

But that is about to change. In just over a year she will be qualified to help pregnant women in childbirth and provide prenatal and postnatal care for mothers and their babies at the community health clinic in Sra, Ghana.

This role in her home town will save countless lives and it has been made possible because of Maitland’s love of coffee.

Barista Annabella Rossini started a retro coffee cart in 2013 to raise $18,000 to pay for Christina’s training.

A percentage of every cup of coffee sold from her pop-up business goes to the cause and she dreams of being able to train another midwife to help more women and babies in need.

Source: The Maitland Mercury (link opens in a new window)

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