Camilla Nestor Named CEO of Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Camilla Nestor, who recently worked for the US-based Grameen Foundation, has been named CEO of the US-based nonprofit MIX, which seeks to increase financial inclusion by promoting transparency. The Chief Operating Officer of MIX, Blaine Stephens, said “Camilla’s extensive knowledge of these sectors augments MIX’s efforts to address information gaps constraining the development of emerging segments including smallholder agricultural finance and digital financial services.”

MIX provides data and analysis on financial service providers, funders and other organizations involved in serving the financial needs of low-income clients through avenues including the MIX Market website, which offers financial and social performance data on approximately 2,000 organizations. MIX had a 2016 budget of USD 2.5 million.

Photo courtesy of fsecart.

Source: MicroCapital (link opens in a new window)

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