Cancer Day: Kenyans Go to India for Treatment

Thursday, February 4, 2016

In Kenya, cases of cervical and breast cancer, are the common forms of cancer among women and are on the rise. But other forms of cancer like liver and the pancreatic cancer have also become common.

Statistics from Kenya’s ministry of health show that there are 27,000 cancer related deaths and 40,000 new diagnoses annually. Half of those diagnosed with cancer die before getting treatment due to the late detection of cancerous cells. With these alarming figures, Kenyans have been thronging hospitals to check their health status. There are also campaigns to create awareness about cancer.

But even as the battle to contain these alarming death rates is gaining momentum, new findings have shown how doctors make deals with hospitals in India, after receiving bribes, to refer cancer patients there for treatment that they would get back home in Kenya.

During a recent cancer summit in Nairobi, Dr David Makumi from the Kenya Network of Cancer Organizations described how such ventures by some doctors have impeded efforts to treat and care for cancer patients in Kenya.

Source: Deutsche Welle (link opens in a new window)

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