Chotuwash, and More

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Godrej Group is walking the talk on ’Good and Green’, its brand campaign.

If the low-cost refrigerator ChotuKool that runs on both battery and electricity created a buzz because of innovation (how much of it translated into actual sales is not known as yet), the Godrej Group is already ready for more.

While ChotuKool is gearing up for national distribution through the postal system, in the pipeline are a slew of products targeted at the bottom of the pyramid. For example, ChotuWash, a pocket-friendly washing machine designed to take away the back breaking chore of washing clothes by rural women. Godrej Appliances is unwilling to specify a time frame for its launch, but planning on the product development is at an advanced stage.

The company is also working on a low-cost storage-based water purifier for rural India which will be unveiled by the end of the year. Unlike other budget water purifiers in the market, this one will not need power. Besides, it will not only remove bacteria and virus but also heavy metals.

“In many rural villages in India, there is heavy metal content in ground water. For example, arsenic is abundant in the East, chlorine in the South and iron in Central India,” says George Menezes, chief operating officer (appliances division), Godrej & Boyce. The water purifier will be customised for different regions and help bring pure water to the masses.

All these efforts are a part of the group’s brand campaign “Good & Green” launched early this year. A brainchild of consultancy firm FSG, Godrej is desperate to ensure that “Good & Green” doesn’t remain just a brand slogan.

Source: Business Standard (link opens in a new window)

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