Cleo Bachelor of the Year Hunk Dustin Leonard’s Mission to Give Away 500,000 Condoms in Africa

Monday, October 5, 2015

CLEO Bachelor of the Year finalist Dustin Leonard hasn’t had time to celebrate his nomination — the hunky American expat has been busy distributing half a million free condoms in Africa.

The 29-year-old founder of social enterprise HERO Condoms spent two weeks in the HIV AIDS-ravaged nation of Botswana, giving away a shipping container full of the contraceptives.

And larger than life reality TV star Tim Dormer tagged along for the trip.

“The HERO model is that for every condom we sell in Australia, we donate one condom to developing nations with the hope of stopping the spread of HIV,” Leonard said.

“We got back from Botswana last week, where the HIV infection rate is growing every year and is the second-highest in the world. And there’s a significant lack of free and quality condoms.”

The company has just signed a major distribution deal with Woolworths, meaning sales have spiked. Leonard forecasts selling — and giving away — two million condoms in the next year.


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