July 15

Viewpoint: COVID-19 Could Deliver Positive Changes to Emerging Markets

By Adriaan Du Toit

Emerging markets (EM) are at a crossroads. The impact of COVID-19 aggravates pre-existing challenges. But it also enables those EM economies that respond effectively to create better conditions for the future.

EM authorities face critical policy decisions. Certain growth-dampening secular trends underway before the COVID-19 crisis are now set to accelerate. Faster deglobalization and even greater debt accumulation seem inevitable. These global trends might be unstoppable, but the speed and quality of EM responses will, in our view, be critical in shaping the medium-term trajectory of the asset class and in separating the winners from the losers.

Photo courtesy of Adam Nieścioruk.

Source: Emerging Market Views (link opens in a new window)