June 2

COVID-19 Has Stalled UN’s Goals to Reduce Global Hunger, Poverty and Climate Change

By Gareth Willmer & Fiona Broom

Crucial global goals to reduce hunger and poverty and curb climate change have gone backwards or stalled, the United Nations Secretary-General warns in a new report, as the Covid-19 outbreak moves from being a health crisis to becoming the “worst human and economic crisis of our lifetimes”.

The number of people suffering hunger has increased, climate change is occurring faster than predicted, and inequality is increasing within and among countries, António Guterres said in his Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals or SDG 2020 report.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals were launched four years ago to address the most pressing global needs for a sustainable future, including education and health improvements and reductions in social and economic inequalities.

Photo courtesy of Jusdevoyage.

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