Going Wireless: Dialing for Development

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Author: David Lehr

“Going Wireless: Dialing for Development”

How Mobile Devices are Transforming Economic Development at the Base of the Pyramid

A draft white paper by former Acumen Fellow David Lehr has just been posted on the Acumen Fund blog that describes emerging trends and possible constraints in this area. It addresses the implications and opportunities for social sector organizations, development experts, technology innovators and service providers who can no longer ignore the billions of consumers who are, quite literally, waiting for their call.

The mobile phone has established itself as the communication and networking platform of choice for billions of the world?s consumers, most of whom are at the base of the global economic pyramid. The ubiquity of mobile phones has led social sector organizations to begin leveraging this communication tool in pursuit of their missions. What are some of the leading uses of the phone and how successful have they been? And, equally importantly, how can your own organization start to take advantage of this trend?

Source: Acumen Fund Blog (link opens in a new window)