Deepa Gangwani: Fomenting Change for Indian Trash Collectors

Friday, March 22, 2013

A shocking incident involving her maid and a trash collector helped set Deepa Gangwani on her quest to help the poor communities near where she lived in India.

By her mid-30s, Gangwani, the daughter of two Indian shopkeepers, had picked up an MBA from Stanford and spent several years consulting for health care and renewable energy companies. She was professionally a success but — surrounded by her country’s poverty — was suffering an existential crisis, asking whether she was doing anything really meaningful with her life. That was three years ago.

No longer working from offices in cities like Mumbai and Kolkata, Gangwani took the NewsHour’s call from a small municipality in southeastern India, where she was networking with one of the many nongovernmental organizations she hopes will take a look at a bioenergy system she’s helped engineer over the past few years.

Source: PBS Newshour (link opens in a new window)

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