Demonstrating the Depth and Diversity of Opportunities in the Impact Investing Fund Landscape

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ImpactBase is the searchable, global database of impact investment funds and products used by over 2,700 investors.

The database hosts profiles of more than 400 funds, representing diverse strategies, geographies, and impact targets. As the most comprehensive source of information on impact investment vehicles worldwide, ImpactBase provides a useful data set to learn about the current landscape of funds and products in the market.

Many impact investors invest via funds, which can provide valuable benefits. For example, fund managers may offer a geographic and/or sectoral expertise, which can reduce search and transaction costs. Further, impact investors can deploy significantly larger sums of capital through investment vehicles than they typically could through individual direct investments.

This brief provides a high-level analysis of the funds on the ImpactBase platform.

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