Developing a Household Energy Generating Plant, by Isaiah Esipisu

Friday, June 3, 2005

With only three dairy cows, David Kanyutu, has not paid a cent for domestic fuel in the last 35 years because his animals have been able to provide him and a neighbour with the required energy.

The cows are able to service a heavy duty domestic biogas plant which serves the family of ten living in a six-roomed house for cooking, lighting television and radio facilities and providing warmth to chicken incubators.

David Kanyutu explaining how his biogas plant in Gitamayu, Kiambu works. Kanyutu has not spent any money on domestic fuel for the last 35 years.

Kanyutu of Gitamayu area in Kiambu District says the gas can be made from any kind of manure, dung or urine produced by any animal or bird, so long as it can allow bacterial activity to take place.

“Once these otherwise waste products are mixed with water at a given ratio and left for some time to ferment, the end product is clean biogas without any smell, or any other side effect.”

He thinks the same technology can be used to produce biogas from Nairobi River for the whole of Kariobangi for ever. Kanyutu 63, who trained in biogas technology from Patel Gas Grafters Ltd in Bombay India, says that the river, which is full of raw sewage is being under utilised.
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Source: The Nation (Nairobi)