July 23

Digital Innovation to Support African SMEs

By Richard Wright

COVID-19 may significantly hinder economic and social development across Africa. If the continent is to recover, then micro-entrepreneurs and SMEs will be the engine of growth. Local businesses will provide livelihoods for millions of people and goods and services to a growing consumer base. At the heart of this business-led recovery will be digital technology; a catalyst for inclusive growth.

But how do we enable African SMEs to become digitally enabled? Clearly the introduction of new technologies can improve SMEs’ productivity, growth and their customers’ quality of life. But the technology itself isn’t the final solution. Rather, it leads to another series of questions: What type of technologies would work here? What are the conditions needed to make technology sustainable and impactful? What skills are needed to take advantage of digital technologies?

Photo courtesy of Brian Wolfe.

Source: Business Fights Poverty (link opens in a new window)

Coronavirus, Technology
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