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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

By Andrea Riquier

Like many Americans, Perth Tolle has watched the recent protests in Hong Kong with dismay. Tolle, who divided her childhood between Texas and mainland China, spent a year in Hong Kong after college. That year, she made friends with a Chinese woman, a relationship that helped Tolle realize just how lucky she’d been to spend so much of her childhood in a free country.

“Because of the one-child policy, she did not exist on paper, she had no birth certificate, no social benefits, no registration to receive official documents,” Tolle said. “That made me realize that governance and policies matter. This policy changed the culture, society, and economy of an entire generation in China. It made me realize freedom has an impact.”

Back in the U.S. and settling into a job as a financial adviser at Fidelity Investments, Tolle wanted to do something about her ideas. Even as she learned about investing in “emerging markets,” she chafed at sending dollars to China.

Photo courtesy of Min An.

Source: MarketWatch (link opens in a new window)

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