Don’t Call It A Robo: Motif Launches Custom Automated Impact Investing

Friday, March 10, 2017

Advisors late to the impact investing game may have missed their chance — there’s now a digital platform for that. Silicon Valley-based Motif Investing is introducing Motif Impact, a values-oriented digital investing solution.

Environmental, social and corporate-governance oriented indexes have been proliferating in recent years, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before a robot followed suit. Just don’t call Motif’s service a robo-advisor, says Hardeep Walia, Motif founder and CEO.

“There’s no such thing, a robo-advisor is not really offering advice,” says Walia. “I don’t think any digital tool gives you advice today. We view this as automated investing — we give you the tools, we give you the model. We want to offer convenience for those who want to understand their investments, change the market assumptions, change the asset allocation model or change the glide assumptions.”

 Motif Impact allows users to select from different “motifs,” or thematic baskets of up to 30 different stocks and ETFs, to target an impact of their choice. Walia, a former Microsoft executive, founded Motif as a broker-dealer and thematic investing platform to allow users to trade motifs, which can include fractional shares of stocks and ETFs, at a flat price of $9.95, and to trade an individual security within their motifs for $4.95.

Source: Fa Mag (link opens in a new window)

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