Echoing Green Wants Deeper Engagement With Social Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Echoing Green is seeking partners for a soon-to-be-launched program that will place young, rising stars in the corporate world into the boards of its fellows’ organizations.

The global nonprofit is on the second year of a growth plan that not only projects an increase in the number of social entrepreneurs that participate in its fellowship program, but also a deepening of support to those already part of the network.

“Our philosophy at Echoing Green is once a fellow always a fellow,” Lara Galinsky, senior vice president at Echoing Green, told Devex.

The three-year growth plan upholds Echoing Green’s ecosystem approach, which will enable fellows to have “a very, very strong foundation,” including having a competent board. Apart from setting the strategic direction of enterprises, boards ensure fiscal responsibility and become chief fundraisers.

Now on its 28th year, Echoing Green is “lucky” to have an engaged and committed board, and wants “other people to have a similar experience,” Galinsky noted.

Launching in a couple of months, the initiative isn’t merely about identifying and putting young corporate leaders into boards. Rather, it will be a leadership development program that will include four months of training, retreats and site visits to fellows’ organizations. Once participants graduate, Echoing Green will introduce them to fellows and support them until their first board meeting.

Source: Devex (link opens in a new window)