Enterprise Resource Planning: Use Small Business Loans for Enterprise Software

Friday, December 27, 2013

Choosing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for Your Small Business

Whether you’re in manufacturing, hospitality, retail, or another industry, it’s important to find small business software that helps integrate all aspects of your business and gives you a single view of the complete picture. Although some may think of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software as a tool that only works for very large organizations, it can actually help small businesses get a single view of each facet of their business at once.

An ERP small business software package is designed to integrate all aspects of your business – like accounts payable, accounts receivable, shipping and more – to give you faster and more flexible processes. ERP software helps you consolidate all the systems of your small business into one, but it’s important you understand the cost and impact of integrating completely before consolidating to a single small business software system.

Source: Triple Pundit (link opens in a new window)