Environment Benefits As Impact Investors Take On Brexit and Trump

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Shocked impact investors in family offices are devoting their capital to their causes in reaction to the Brexit referendum result and Trump presidential election. The role of advisers was also predicted to increase in value to impact investors, according to the T100:Launch, the debut report from a multi-year study of the portfolios of more than 50 Toniic 100% Impact Network members.

Alison Fort, Managing Director of Europe, said Toniic was fortunate to see the trends shaping the future of impact investing within its global network of individuals, family offices, funds and others who were committed to aligning their investments with their values across asset classes.

The San Francisco based nonprofit “action community” has already been contacted by progressive impact investors, one week into the controversial Trump presidency.

“The day after the US election I spoke to a woman in New York who wanted to join Toniic with her family,” Fort said.

“She predicted that Toniic would see a groundswell of new members because the world just received a ‘wake up call.’ For those that want to see reduced inequality and an end to climate change there is a feeling of urgency and a calling for individual actions. Aligning one’s capital with one’s values through impact investing is an appealing and increasingly accessible route to action.”

Source: Campden FB (link opens in a new window)

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