Ericsson wins rural India GSM contract

Friday, June 17, 2005

Ericsson has signed a US$250 million managed capacity expansion contract with Indian operator Bharti to provide managed services and expand its GSM/GPRS network into rural India. Ericsson’s technology and managed services solutions will enable Bharti to expand into around 3000 towns and villages in 15 regions. The rollout of the first phase of this ongoing coverage expansion into rural India will start in July 2005.

Ericsson also provides its Expander solution for rural coverage to optimize both capital and operational expenditures and ensure minimal total cost of ownership for Bharti’s network.

Manoj Kohli, Bharti’s President, Mobility, says: “Ericsson’s advanced solutions and services enable us to make this strategic move towards rural areas in India.”

Jan Campbell, Managing Director, Ericsson India, says the agreement reinforces Ericsson’s position as Bharti’s long-term partner. “The expansion will allow Bharti to offer new and enhanced services to its customers, as well as cover new and untapped rural areas,” he says.
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Source: celluar-news