Exports of Eco-friendly Shopping Bags Give Livelihood Opportunities to Disabled in Indonesia

Friday, July 25, 2008

Export Service Centre Connects Small-Scale Producers in Indonesia with Import Buyers in Europe to Create Sustainable Jobs and Advance Skills Development

Hong Kong, July 22, 2008 — People in Europe who buy the eco-friendly shopping bags made of recycled materials are doing more than just helping the environment — they are also giving meaningful employment and self-sufficiency to 37 physically disabled people in Indonesia. This is made possible through the work of the non-profit Export Service Centre in Bali, Indonesia (http://www.exportservicecentre.com/).

The Export Service Centre, whose mission is Aid through Trade, is fulfilling orders for Netherlands-based Pure People Products (http://www.purepeopleproducts.com/) for hundreds of eco-friendly shopping bags by sourcing from the Senang Hati (Happy Heart) organization in Ubud.

Senang Hati’s founder and chairwoman, Putu Suryati, who is also disabled, said: “We hope export orders will continue to come, so the members here whom can’t work in formal sector have a chance to earn a living for themselves.

“We also hope we can have more projects, not only in sewing, but also in making accessories like necklaces, bracelet, earrings and sandals so other member whom don’t have a skill in sewing can also take pride in being productive members of society.”

Eco-friendly Products, Simple Production Facilities, Lots of Positive Energy
Pure People Products’ founder, Yvonne de Jong, said “Our customers love the products. They feel great about their purchase — as the bags are of excellent quality, they help the environment and they also help create meaningful employment for disadvantaged people.

“We visited Senang Hati with the Export Service Centre team. We worked together for a few days, repaired sewing machines, bought materials, arranged working space, and talked about production processes in a small and simple manner. We definitely created a lot of positive energy at the end of the day.

“It is amazing how people that live this simply accept their disability, but also works on their ability to reach an independent way of living. It’s a pleasure working with them!”

One member of Senang Hati, Ayu Sardi, who is a very talented sewer, said: “We are very pleased to be involved in a project like this, where we can earn some money with our hands. At the same time, we can work together with other disabled brothers and sisters in this organization so we feel more close to each other.”

Job Creation via Exports — the Export Service Centre
Eugene Verspoor, general manager of the Export Service Centre, said: “We help smaller producers in Indonesia find overseas buyers for their products — and work hand-in-hand with them on design, production, quality control and shipping.

“About 70 percent of our business is from repeat customers — so our producers have clearly demonstrated their ability to produce competitive export-quality products.

“We’ve shipped more than 160 different types of lovely merchandise — two full container loads — to Pure People Products over the last year. I expect our latest collaboration working with Senang Hati to grow.

“We also offer sourcing and sampling services, bar coding, labeling, product catalog photography — all part of our complete service to help develop local skills and create sustainable employment.”

Kearny Alliance: Aid Through Trade — Scope and Major Programs
The Kearny Alliance (http://www.kearnyalliance.org/) focuses on job creation, export development, education and trade policy research.

Programs to advance job creation and export development are:
— The Export Service Centre in Bali, Indonesia (http://www.exportservicecentre.com/) whose social entrepreneurship model helps build capacity and assists small and medium-sized enterprises to export to global markets. The organization estimates that in 2007 it helped create 2,300 jobs in Indonesia. Buyers may visit the Export Service Centre’s offices in Bali, Indonesia, or discuss sourcing opportunities with Verspoor at the company’s booths at the China Sourcing Fairs (http://www.chinasourcingfairs.com/) in Hong Kong every April and October.
— Developing Country Export Assistance Program, which includes Developing Country Sourcing Reports for the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. The Program is designed to promote exports from developing countries in Asia to create sustainable employment

For more information about the Export Service Centre or the Kearny Alliance please visit http://www.exportservicecentre.com/ or http://www.kearnyalliance.org/.

About the Kearny Alliance
The Kearny Alliance (http://www.kearnyalliance.org/), a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) foundation based in Scottsdale, Arizona, partners with other international organizations to further its mission of ??Aid Through Trade’, to advance international development and poverty alleviation through trade-related business education, training and applied research.

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