June 8

Farms of the Future a Blueprint for South African Regenerative Agriculture

McCain Foods Limited has unveiled plans for its second Farms of the Future, which will be located near Lichtenburg in South Africa, and will form part of its ambitions to advance, showcase and roll out regenerative farming practices. Regenerative agriculture seeks to rehabilitate and enhance entire farm ecosystems through soil health enhancement and effective water management, amongst other activities. The announcement follows the launch of the company’s pilot farm project in Canada, in 2020.

Farm of the Future Africa totals 465 ha irrigation and 90 ha dryland on which McCain will grow 125 ha potatoes, per year. Through partnerships with various sector experts, it will focus on enhancing productivity, while prioritising soil health, water efficiency, the reduction of agro-chemical impacts and the introduction and preservation of biodiversity. Resulting crops from the farm will be used to create some of South Africa’s favourite McCain products.

Photo courtesy of Bioversity International.

Source: Farmers Review Africa (link opens in a new window)

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