FINCA DRC introduces tablets in the field

Monday, November 19, 2018

To comply with “digitalization”, this current trend of business, FINCA DRC has introduced on the field the use of tablets to facilitate the processing of customer request of credit. Loan officers consider this strategy very effective and beneficial in terms of saving time and space.
One of the Credit Officers working in the Branch of Gombe in Kinshasa confirmed again the benefits of this innovation, saying:
“Previously, it was necessary to visit the customers then their business then their home and make the return trip from there to the office where it was necessary to fill several papers and as finally to encode the data in a computer. Frankly the scheme was long.
With the use of the tablet, I can do everything on the field, I visit, I encode and as soon as I post this data in ARGOS, my supervisor can directly intervene in the chain of approval until the disbursement of the credit – I win in time and gives me the opportunity to visit more customers than before and to process several files in a day. The benefit is that I do not consume more paper, my capacity of use has increased and consequently my production also to the great benefit of the company – ARGOS in the tablet on ground, it is really magnificent”.
With tablets in the field, a CRO can also capture directly some images of the client’s assets, which he can immediately send to his supervisor and the other hierarchical leaders, so that the chain of approval can see and focus on the realities of the business under treatment.
In one day, and thanks to Argos, a request of credit can be processed, analyzed and received feedback from FINCA. Is not this a remarkable step forward and efficiency and effectiveness?
Finally, the CROs (Credit Agents) recognize that with the tablet, they manage to bring the institution everywhere and very easily. “Imagine how many files a tablet can support and transport! So, just with one click on the tablet, procedures start and the solutions are found,” said a loan officer.
Digitization in FINCA 2.0 is already underway.
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Source: Press release

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