June 18

Five Ways Impact Investors Can Deal With the COVID-19 Dilemma

By Sung-Hyui Park and Louise Harman

The current and future economic impact of the pandemic will create numerous challenges for impact investors, as their investees struggle to meet payment and other obligations.

That was the topic of a recent roundtable, ‘Dealing with Distress – the Impact Investor’s Dilemma’, which we at Bates Wells hosted jointly with EVPA (the European Venture Philanthropy Association).

Core to the discussion was the question of what makes an impact investor different – in how they uphold their values during difficult times, and how they continue to support the positive social and/or environmental impact created by investees, while trying to balance their own responsibilities to other internal and external stakeholders.

Photo courtesy of Devanath.

Source: Pioneers Post (link opens in a new window)

Coronavirus, Investing