Flying an unregistered drone in Ghana could send you to jail for 30 years

Monday, July 11, 2016

Ghana’s Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) is starting to take drones seriously—very seriously. It has issued new directives on drone ownership and operations, under which operating an unregistered drone (or “Remotely Piloted Aircraft System,” as the authority calls it) can incur a jail term of “up to 30 years.”

Piloting a drone will also require a license. The authority has kicked off the process of registering all drones in the country.

 The GCAA says the new policy is needed to prevent accidents in Ghanaian airspace. “There are several enforcement actions including withdrawal of permit to fly the drone,” Simon Allotey, GCAA director general, said in a radio interview. “You could be convicted up to a 30 year jail term.” The new policy is also expected to spell out areas “unapproved” for drone operation.

Source: QZ Africa (link opens in a new window)