Four Innovative Models Changing Health Care In Africa

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In Tanzania, giant pouched rats are trained to sniff out tuberculosis in human sputum samples. Dubbed HeroRATS, the animals can evaluate 40 samples in just seven minutes, equal to what a skilled lab technician can do in a full day.

In northern Kenya, health services–including family planning services–are being brought to 36 remote, underserved communities by four-wheel drive vehicles, bicycles, camels and good old-fashioned human feet. And in Malawi, durable e-health hardware–even touch screen computers–that are significantly more robust in harsh environments with erratic power supplies are being manufactured by Malawians.

These are some of the really out-of-the-box ideas private sector organizations are applying in an effort to improve health by bringing affordable and high-quality health services to low-income people in Africa.

Source: Fast CoExist (link opens in a new window)

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