From base of social pyramid, only way is up

Monday, June 3, 2013

In a small village in northwest Senegal, residents depend on a treatment plant to clean enough of the nearby muddy river to provide them with potable water.

It takes a whole day for the blue machine with several attached tanks to purify 8,000 liters from the Senegal River near the village of Ndiawdoune Nar. The 8.1 by 5 meter treatment plant can purify enough drinking water for between 800 to 1,600 people.

“We are so welcomed every time we visit the village,” said Satoshi Yamagiwa, group manager of Yamaha Motor Co.’s clean water group. “Before the treatment plant was set up in the village, people had diarrhea and kids died. But now, not only the villagers but people in neighboring villages come to buy the water.”

Source: The Japan Times (link opens in a new window)

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