August 22

Fuse Capital Looks to Raise $50 Million to Invest in Latin America Web3 Startups

Brazilian-based Fuse Capital has started raising Fuse Capital Fund II, whose central thesis will be investing in the next generation of web3 startups in Latin America. The initiative comes after successfully investing in blockchain and crypto startups in their first fund, whose thesis had an agnostic approach. The goal is to raise $50 million.

Fuse Capital Fund II will be aimed at companies solving traditional world problems, still dominated by web2, while using technologies embedded in the web3 framework, such as blockchain, DeFi (Decentralised Finance), stablecoins and NFTs. The solutions can be aimed at diverse sectors, from open finance to health, infrastructure, e-commerce and insurance, among others. Another differential of the fund will be its term of five years, it is a premise that the invested companies issue tokens within this period, allowing the divestment to be made from the sale of these tokens. The contributions will be around $1 million.

Photo courtesy of geralt.

Source: The Fintech Times (link opens in a new window)

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